Mugshot Photographer Bio
Bart Baldwin

Normally, I’m not one to “blow my own whistle”, however since this bit is all “about me”... here goes...
I am a national award winning photographer with amost 30 years behind the camera. Photography is a passion of artistic expression for me. I absolutely love photography because photographs have an ability to tell stories, show us what is real, hint at what could be, and serve as a means to remember times gone by.

Bill Lea

Capturing intimate images of wildlife, scenery, wildflowers, and a variety of other natural subjects in "just the right light" has long been the trademark of Bill's photography. He may best be known for his artistic documentation of deer and bear behavior, the various moods of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Florida Everglades and southern ecosystems.

Chris Norcott

Chris Norcott grew up in Canton, MA, where he spent much of his childhood exploring natural wonders and searching for birds, amphibians, reptiles and the occasional stray rabbit. His desire to share his love for wildlife and nature eventually led him to photography. Now living in North Georgia, Chris travels throughout the country photographing wildlife, landscapes, and of course his favorite subject,€“ bears.

David Hartfield

David Hartfield is an award winning nature and travel photographer whose work is published internationally.  He is the past President and a founding member of Carolinas’ Nature Photography Association (  He also served as CNPA’s Outings Chair for several years and currently serves as the Speaker Committee Chair.  He started leading outings and mentoring photographers around the early to mid 1990’s.  He continues that passion today by teaching photography classes, leading workshops and photo tours, as well as presenting at various camera clubs and organizations.

Jason J. Hatfield

Born in 1984 in Grand Rapids, Ohio I developed a love for the mountains through my family's many travels to the west. In 2003 I got my first taste of mountain living in Prescott, Arizona during college. After a couple of years back in Ohio I moved to Colorado to pursue my art and adventure in the mountains.
I now live in the "Gateway to the Rockies" frequently traveling to iconic western locations or exploring less traveled areas. I have traveled to every mountain state west of the Mississippi as well as Iceland, France, Italy, and Canada in development of my portfolio.