David Hartfield


David Hartfield is an award winning nature and travel photographer whose work is published internationally.  He is the past President and a founding member of Carolinas’ Nature Photography Association (CNPA.org).  He also served as CNPA’s Outings Chair for several years and currently serves as the Speaker Committee Chair.  He started leading outings and mentoring photographers around the early to mid 1990’s.  He continues that passion today by teaching photography classes, leading workshops and photo tours, as well as presenting at various camera clubs and organizations.  David has done event photography and still images for film and television productions (Extreme Makeover Home EditionTM).  David trained with the New York Institute of Photography.

Artist’s Statement – A Spiritual Journey
When I look at nature I see the fingerprints of God… in the intricacy and complexity of the design, its simplicity and efficiency of function, in its beauty, and in the interdependency we have to each other and to the rest of creation. There are times when observing these things will take your breath away, or humble you to tears… times when you feel as small as a grain of sand… and other times that are so special you feel like you have the only seat to an orchestra of events that He played just for you. Through my photography I hope to share a glimpse from my window of His glorious world.