Cuba: Cultural and Photo Tour: Feb, 2018

Join Cesar Palacio on an incredible opportunity to explore and learn about the unique culture and people of Cuba.  Only 90 miles separate the US and Cuba, but the differences are vast.  Most people do not own a car.  Many walk or ride a bike, or in a horse, or ox drawn cart.  However, classic cars from the 1950’s are common to see throughout Cuba.  You can tell the owners’ love their cars and spend endless hours to keep them beautiful and running smoothly.  Many of the classic cars are taxies.  In the countryside you are more likely to see fields being plowed with an ox than a tractor.  Pickup trucks are rare.  You are more likely to see a horse drawn cart.


You will meet your trip leader, Cesar Palacio, in Charlotte and then take a quick flight from Miami or Charlotte to Havana.  We will check-in to our room and then grab lunch together, meet our local guide, and cover orientation.  Then it is time to start our tour of Cuba.


Our day-to-day itinerary may shift to take advantage of weather and the availability of people or places, and to maximize the photographic experience. 


This is a classic car lover’s paradise.  They are everywhere!  Often the challenge is not finding a classic car, but being able to isolate it. We may have the opportunity to ride in a convertible car for 2 hours around Havana (weather and time permitting).


Earnest Hemingway had a home (Finca Vigia) in La Habana.  He had several favorite restaurants in and around Havana.  He spent many afternoons in a little fishing village (Cojimar) with a fisherman that was the inspiration to his acclaimed novel The Old Man and the Sea.  If time allows we visit Cojimar to give you a glimpse into his life in Cuba.


Casa Fuster is a whimsical ever-evolving mosaic house of eclectic humorous art by Jose Fuster, which has spilled over into the neighborhood for several blocks.  In some ways, the tile artwork tells a story similar to that of stained glass.  You can explore this for hours and still not see everything.


The streets of Havana Vieja (Old Town) are full of surprises and lessons around each turn.  This is a great way to be exposed to the day-to-day lives of the Cuban people.  You will see them at work and play.  In the last few years Cubans have been allowed to open small businesses.  Spend a few minutes talking to them about their plight into business.  It is a new frontier for them.


Depending on availability you may want to enjoy an evening at the Cuban National Ballet, or attending a flamenco dance at a local Spanish dinner restaurant?  You may also want to enjoy a Cuban band during lunch or dinner.  Some bands even play in town squares and streets.  The arts are alive and well in Havana!


Take an opportunity to speak with our local guides, drivers, business people, and locals.  You can ask them anything.  You will learn so much and definitely return with an appreciation of the Cuban people.  Use your images to share your experiences with your friend and family.