Chris Norcott


Chris Norcott grew up in Canton, MA, where he spent much of his childhood exploring natural wonders and searching for birds, amphibians, reptiles and the occasional stray rabbit. His desire to share his love for wildlife and nature eventually led him to photography. Now living in North Georgia, Chris travels throughout the country photographing wildlife, landscapes, and of course his favorite subject,€“ bears.

Chris’s first close encounter with a family of black bears took place on a large wooded tract of land in North Georgia during 2008. Much to his surprise the bears were just as fearful of Chris as he was of them. From that moment forward he wanted to learn more about bears. After studying bears and learning how to track them and identify their signs in the forest first-hand, he set out to capture their behavior with a camera and share those images with others. Through his photography Chris illustrates his passion for capturing their journey, because in reality, their journey is not that much different from our own. Black bears are gentle, timid creatures, but they do have their rules of etiquette, which we need to learn and understand in order to peacefully coexist with them.

Some of Chris’s favorite places to explore and photograph are Great Smoky Mountains NP, New England, Everglades NP, Yellowstone NP, and Alaska.

Chris offers both group and individual landscape and nature photography workshops and tours.